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Virtue Workshop Kits


  • A group learning experience based on the oneness of humanity

  • Guided instructions for Facilitator 

  • Reproducible Materials

  • Interactive activities uniquely designed for:

           - School Settings
           - Youth and Adult Workshops / Conferences

           - Informal Classes ​​



Free Workshop Kits

  • Activities are designed for small or large groups.

  • Instructions and resources needed to facilitate activities are included.

  • PDF document files may be resized according to paper size standards.

Please help us share these spiritual concepts:
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About the Creators

Diana Metreaud has a master's degree in education. She has taught within public schools in the United States for many years. She is a co-author of Spiritual Relationships: A How To Path in These Difficult Times.

Ron Tomanio is a fiction and non-fiction writer, whose works include:
With Thine Own Eyes; Lilly and Peggy; The Unexpected Day/The Trust; The Winter Cloak, A Grain of Sand; The Imperfect Pilgrim and One Summer; The Tree Beyond and Edith Rose and Friends. He is a co-author of Spiritual Relationships: A How To  Path in These Difficult Times.

The creators, as members of the Baha’i Faith, are guided by its teachings and principles.

Purpose & Goal

The purpose of these workshop-style activities is to explore complex themes in practical ways in a short amount of time. Students very quickly learn to become teachers and are able to share their learning with others. Workshops are designed for use with either small or large groups.Each workshop includes a resource list of all materials needed to facilitate activities.

Individual facts can be easily forgotten, but spiritual concepts, once learned, will stay with us forever. It is our hope that parents and teachers gathered in classrooms, homes and backyards, in cities and villages worldwide, will use these spiritual concepts to improve the lives of children, youth and adults. 

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Share your feedback!

- Tell us about your experience using the materials!

- Share images by email, which we have permission to post, of any sized groups of participants engaging in the workshops. 

- Share suggestions for development of additional spiritual workshops.

Thanks for submitting!

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